About Us

About Us

Tabernacle of David was established 18th May 2003 and it is a member of The Redeemed Christian Church of God [RCCG] worldwide. TOD is made up of a variety of people consisting of different nationalities, tribes & tongues. We have students, adults and Children in our midst. Worship at TOD has always been relaxed, informal, warm and welcoming. Our worship music consists of both traditional and contemporary styles. We enjoy dancing and praising God in a manner that changes lives.

We have a systematic way of preaching the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ through our services and fellowships. We care about your personal well being, your family and business. We share our hurts, challenges, concerns, testimonies and joys through an atmosphere of love.

We would like to welcome you to our midst. We encourage you to come and see “the Lord is good” in our midst. We are sure you would find small groups within TOD that meets your interest and desires – men’s, women’s, youth activities, students, mom’s support, marriage counseling, prayer ministry, music/dancing and much, much more!

Our philosophy is to minister to people and allow them to be shaped and sometimes re-shaped by God Himself. The porter sometimes works on something, breaks it down and starts all over again but that is okay because we are on the wheel, we are not finished yet. The Tabernacle Of David Church is about not being finished but being in the process and the good thing about it, is that we are on the wheel in the house of God and we are under His hand. And as long as His hands are on the process, we know we will end up with in the centre of God’s will.

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